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Social Enterprise Servng the Chicago South Side community

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Soul Delivered

Soul Delivered is a South Side Pitch Competition Semifinalist!!! Check out our short video below.

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Soul Delivered, a locally owned, community delivery service to South Side neighborhoods 51st to 95th,  Western Ave to the Lake.

  • Social enterprise teaching businesses financial analysis
  • Helping to develop their staffs and operations improvements
  • Guiding the business’s digital presence and marketing 
  • Promoting patron database development


Soul Delivered incorporates a smarter system architecture and a cutting-edge AI-driven route optimization and dispatching platform

  • More affordable online ordering and delivery service options
  • Increase a restaurant’s sales footprint by eight times (8x)
  • Eight times larger area has access to local food offerings
  • Higher productivity model will also result in providing better-paying driver gig jobs with flexible hours in the neighborhood.


Soul Delivered L3C, is a low-profit limited liability social enterprise, with the charitable and educational purpose of economic development and community revitalization.     Try us out: order delivery

  • For convenience
  • Wanting to try new local cuisine
  • Don’t want to interrupt a show or game you are watching
  • Don’t want to pack up the kids 
  • Being a home-bound senior
  • Don’t want to go out after dark 


Soul Delivered is locally owned, and the drivers are from the neighborhood, so the money stays in the community, not sent to Silicon Valley.  Support your neighborhood businesses.  


Hungry?  Need food for the soul?

Get Deliveries Tuesday-Friday,  11:30-7:30pm, & Saturdays 4-7pm

Order from local Black-owned restaurants


Partner Restaurants


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Soul Delivered provides delivery services to the restaurants participating in the www.FoodLabChicago.com cohort. Launching with these restaurants, we’ll then expand to our friends in Auburn Gresham, Englewood, Bronzeville, Quad Communities, and other South Side neighborhoods.

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409 E 75th St
Chicago, IL 60619
(773) 739-6890