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Deliveries are being serviced by Soul Delivered at:

Harold’s Chicken Shack 407 E 75th St   www.HaroldsChicken24.com   

(Tue-Fri 11:45- 7:45pm, Sat 4pm-7:45pm)
Haire’s Gulf Shrimp  7448 S Vincennes Ave     www.HairesGulfShrimp.com

(Tue-Fri 11:45- 7:45pm, Sat 4pm-7:45pm)


Let’s Eat to Live 621 E 67th    www.LetsEatToLiveRestaurant.com

(Tue-Fri 12:15- 7:45pm, Sat 4pm-7:45pm)


Slab BBQ 1918 E 71st St    www.Slabbbq.com

(Tue-Fri 11:45 – 7:45pm, Sat 4pm-7:45pm)


Wings, Greens, and Things  6767 S South Chicago Ave www.WingsGreensandThings.com

(Tue-Fri 12:15 – 5:45pm)


Pie Guys Bakery and café  7907 S Champlain


(Tue – Fri 10am-4:30pm)


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